Welfare, Health and Individuality in Farmed Fish

In modern aquaculture, fish are exposed to farming-inherent stressors that can be detrimental to animal health and welfare. However, it is increasingly clear that stress reactions are different for each individual and therefore, individuality should be included in the concept of animal welfare. The WIN-FISH project is devoted to investigate the relevance of fish individuality when assessing fish welfare and performance under different culture conditions.

The main aims of the project are the following:

- To find potential correlations between the individual stress-coping style (SCS) and individual and group health and welfare status in fish facing stress and a changing environment.

- To get a better understanding of molecular mechanisms underlying different SCS in fish.

- To identify welfare concerns in new models of fish production systems (Recirculated Aquaculture Systems, RAS) in major European aquaculture species.

- To identify potential positive effects of environmental enrichment on fish welfare: towards positive emotional states.

- To generate genetic and molecular markers to be used for selective breeding aimed at optimizing performance and reducing aggression in Atlantic salmon.

















23 JANUARY 2020