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Ifremer - French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea - is the principal research and advisory body for fisheries, marine environment and aquaculture in France. Ifremer has excellent facilities for both experimental and survey studies, employs 1700 persons and has an annual budget of 150 million Euro.

Ifremer contributes, through studies and expert assessments, to knowledge about the ocean and its resources, monitoring of marine and coastal zones and the sustainable development of maritime activities. To these ends, it designs and operates observational, experimental and monitoring tools and facilities. Ifremer takes an active part in EU studies and is also a member of international organizations in its field of competence.

Project team in WIN-FISH

The Ifremer team has substantial experience in the reproduction in sea bass and in the study of behavioural activities and their determinisms in fish. The team uses a range of rearing protocol, genetic selection, early conditioning and behavioural phenotyping. 

Main people from Ifremer involved in WIN-FISH are Marie-Laure Bégout, Béatrice Chatain, Sébastien Triplet, François Ruelle, Marie-Odile Vidal and PhD student Sébastien Alfonso. 

Marie-Laure BégoutDr. Marie-Laure Bégout, Senior scientist
Dr. Marie-Laure Bégout develops investigations on fish individual coping styles since the study of the biological basis of behavioural adaptation is her principal research topic. Undertaken research will aim at determining the phenotypes expressed through individual behavioural responses in controlled environment either in isolation or in group situation, and their flexibility under husbandry stressors exposure. It concerns mostly feeding and exploratory behaviours, cognitive abilities and social interactions. Methods combine behavioural assays, on-demand feeding system, and advanced numerical video.

Béatrice ChatainDr. Béatrice Chatain, Senior scientist
Dr. Béatrice Chatain offers access to particular characterized sea bass strains and families. Her laboratory in Palavas is partner of the Marine Genomic Europe project (Fish & Shellfish Node).



Sébastien AlfonsoM.Sc. Sébastien Alfonso, Ph. D. student
Sébastien Alfonso will develop a PhD thesis on the analysis of the interaction between teleost personality traits and environment.


S. Triplet along with the Coldep team takes care of dedicated RAS infrastructures at Ifremer Palavas research station.

Role within WIN-FISH

Dr M.-L. Bégout leads WP1 Coping Style, and main responsibilities of the Ifremer group are about the characterization of coping styles in sea bass and help in knowledge transfer to other species of the project.

Additional roles are in WP2 where we will validate welfare indicators in sea bass in relation to coping style and in WP3 where we will analyze the interaction between coping style and responses to the housing environment.

Finally, the group is involved in the dissemination WP.

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Subcontractor: Coldep

The Ifremer team is supported by the SME Coldep bringing cutting edge technology in RAS systems with

  • Bertrand Barrut (R&D Director)
  • Julien Jacquety
  • Loïc Quelen 

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23 JANUARY 2020