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The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) or Technical University of Madrid (www.upm.es), is the oldest and largest technical university in Spain. It consists of twenty Schools and two Faculties that cover most engineering disciplines as well as Architecture and Sports Science. The UPM has more than 3,000 faculty members, around 38,000 undergraduate students, and  8,000 graduate and doctoral students. The UPM is a top quality academic establishment with a strong commitment to R&D and Innovation, boasting 217 Research Units and 19 Research Centres and Institutes, contributing significantly to the international scientific community with a high number of journal papers, conference communications, and PhD theses. With regards to FP7 is concerned, the University has taken part up to now in 242 European R&D projects with more than 64 M€ of funding, ranked the first Spanish University. 

The Aquaculture Group at the UPM involves researchers from two different departments at the UPM (Department of Agrarian Production from the School of Agricultural Engineering and the Department of Forestry and Fisheries from the School of Forestry) as well as a team from the Veterinary Faculty of teh Complutense University. In recent years the group has focused on topics related to fish welfare, especially in terms of water quality in RAS systems as well as the effect of different handling procedures on fish welfare. 

Project team in WIN-FISH

Morris Villarroel
BSc Biochemistry, PhD Biology, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Professor at the School of Agricultural Engineering Politécnica de Madrid since 2004. He works on how to apply knowledge on physiology and behaviour to evaluate animal welfare, with previous experience in pigs, lambs, tilapia and rainbow trout. He teaches a course on Animal welfare, another on Aquaculture, as well as Animal Physiology. He has participated and directed several national and international projects related to welfare and has more than 50 publications. He is past-president of the Spanish Aquaculture Society, of which he has been an active member since 2007.

Fernando Torrent
Associate professor since 2000, and a profesor/researcher at the UPM since 2011. It has been very active professionally within the aquaculture industry for 30 years, working with many species in several national and international companies in the aquaculture sector, including Culmarex. It has been involved with the government fisheries department on restocking aquaculture facilities At the moment, he is in charge of the raceways and RAS units at the School of Forestry. 

Jesús de la Fuente
Professor/researcher at the UCM since 2006 and is specialized in animal welfare, both from the behavioural and physiological points of view with a special focus on the link between animal welfare and product quality. 

Role within WIN-FISH

With the WINFISH project, the UPM manages WP3, task 3.3, the classification of stress coping styles in rainbow trout and experiment involving environmental enrichment.

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23 JANUARY 2020